Day 19: Information to Keep By the Video Conference Unit

This post continues our 20 Day Challenge to understand the technical aspects of videoconferencing, particularly the section on dialing.

Being organized and having quick access to critical information is essential to successful connections for teachers and students. Some of the following information can be easier to understand if you take a picture of it.

Key Information

  • IP Address of video unit
  • Tech Contact Info
    • of your network
    • of your vendor
    • of your regional support agency
    • of the place that you are trying to connect with

On Fridays, print a schedule of video conferences for that coming week with how they are connected and contact information.


  • Quick Setup Sheet for Video Conference Unit
  • A picture of how everything is connected
  • A note that explains to to get the tv to the correct channel or the projector on the correct input.
  • Remotes–>video conference unit, television, projector, etc.
  • Where to get extra batteries for the remote
  • Remote Control Quick Reference Guide

Your Turn

What do you keep near your video conferencing unit? Where do you keep your remotes?

Team-written by Janine Lim, Shane Howard, and Roxanne Glaser. The opinions expressed in these posts are based on our collective video conference experience connecting classes across multiple networks to connect them to zoos, museums, experts and other classes during the past 10 years. This series of posts reflects our usage and understanding, not that of any vendor or manufacturer. No one is paying us to write these. We are just sharing what we have learned.

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