Daylight Savings Time and the UK

Daylight savings time changes on Sunday in the U.S.! Did you remember?

It doesn’t affect our connections with Canada, because they switch at the same time we do. But it does affect connections with the UK (and Arizona). I have three with the UK that I have to adjust because I forgot (AGAIN!).

Life was a lot easier “way back when” we switched to daylight savings time at the same time as the UK! What was Congress thinking??!!

Yet another little detail that I have to keep paying attention too!!! How are you handling time zone changes these days?

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  1. Hi Janine,

    I have a general frustration with people confusing CDT, CST, EDT and EST, as eastern (where many content providers are) and central (where we are) are the most common time differences for me. I’ve had folks get really confused over it! I’ve had to remind many people that when the time change takes place in the midwest – whether we “spring ahead” or “fall back”, it takes place on the east coast, too- we’re always an hour behind!! 🙂

    But if there is ever a question- I admit I have trouble remember the time difference between Missouri and Alaska- I like this website, (especially with international connections):

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