Depth of Learning Continuum with Videoconferencing

We’ve looked at a continuum of equipment/software solutions for videoconferencing, and yesterday a continuum of interactivity. Today, let’s think about a continuum of depth of learning…

Depth of Learning Continuum

Depth of Learning

  • Some videoconferences require no preparation at all.
  • Some videoconferences are only 5 minutes long! (see the suggested agenda here for Skype calls)
  • Some content providers send a PDF of materials or a kit with materials for hands-on in-depth learning.
  • Some projects, like Read Around the Planet, allow the teachers flexibility on how in-depth the videoconference really is.
  • Some projects, like Hometown Holidays, require research, connect rigorously to the curriculum, and integrate multiple subject areas and required standards.

Have you experienced this continuum? Where do most of your videoconferences fall along the line? Any other insights to share? Please comment!

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  1. I like the idea here, but am not sure I agree with the graphic.

    Some video conferences that require no preparation could have learning embedded in them. It might be review of concepts or activating schema, but is more related to the structure and content of the project/program/video conference rather than it having no preparation.

    The five-minute skype call could provide vast amounts of information that would take so much longer to get via email making this connection a powerhouse if it is embedded in a larger project. (This is EXACTLY why we began having Baylor students meet their partner classes via video conference before working with them asynchronously.)

    I think what might have thrown me off when I read this post was the graphic. It seems to suggest no learning without a pdf or a FedEx box and I am not sure that the line of distinction is so clear. A pdf could be a color-sheet which is not quality learning.

    I am still mulling this one over and have other thoughts, but am not fully caffeinated yet. Thanks for keeping us refining and challenging our practices.

    • Good point on the graphic! That’s what I get for starting with a graphic I use to tell my teachers about content providers’ preparation continuum – morphing it to include collaborations and other VC formats, and not coming back to it!

      Now you’re making me think. 🙂 What should be on the graphic? Maybe the “puddle” / “well” concept? Not sure…

  2. Maybe the concept of a continuum of learning is what is not quite right. Based on Roxanne’s information, perhaps the graphic should be more likea chart with examples/types of use next to each videoconferencing venue.
    Example: Skype / conversations to share thoughts/concepts/next steps.

    I’m thinking Janine, you already have this type of chart completed – yes?

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