Does Access Mean Advantage?

Here’s a question for you! If kids have never seen a VC, are they disadvantaged because they can’t imagine talking to someone through a TV, computer, or cell phone? Does access mean advantage?

I’m still reading The World is Flat. P. 169. “Young people are using our mobile phones today as two-way video-phones,” explained Tamon Mitsuishi, senior VP of the Ubiquitous Business Department at DoCoMo in Japan.

Japanese kids are VCing with their cell phones! And some of our students have yet to see a VC! What does that tell you?

I’ve noticed that when kids see a videoconference, sometimes one of the students will say, “I want one of these at home!” Well the answer is, in your lifetime you will have one at home! And you will have one on your cell phone too! We must increase students’ imagination and help them to see the possibilities of the world around them!

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