Does Rescheduling Drive You Crazy?

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I’m literally snowed under with the rescheduling of Holiday Hoopla videoconferences! Have you ever had so many calls get canceled? Then all of a sudden your email explodes with information about rescheduling, and it drives you nuts to make sense of it! That’s where I am now!

Here’s how I’m trying to get a handle on it:

  1. Deal with one issue at a time. It can be so overwhelming that you don’t know where to start!
  2. Read all the emails, scribbles, notes from voicemails, etc. about that videoconference to get the big picture.
  3. Email everyone involved.
  4. Write a specific short subject lineto help filter emails. I like to use the last names of the teachers in the pair.
  5. Bulleted action items in the email. Easy to scan and easy to answer.
  6. Propose a specific date & time, and give additional options (ranges).

Whew. How do you do handle rescheduling? Any other tips?

2 replies on “Does Rescheduling Drive You Crazy?”

  1. Be consistent on note-taking of changes.

    Try to make contact with BOTH partners to determine parameters and possibilities before starting a new email thread. This is so tricky, but can front-load the negotiations.

    Double-check. Triple-check.

    Sometimes, you just have to let it go if it is getting too complicated to reschedule.

    • I love that tip – talking to both partners. It’s nice to have almost a solution before emailing everyone. It saves on the emails – and in these situations, we definitely want less emails!

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