Don't send a box!!!

box A little feedback for the content providers out there reading this blog. We’ve been cleaning up from the programs we did this year and two content providers sent us boxes this year that had to be sent back. What a pain! Some of my schools didn’t have the funds to send it back so they sent it to me to send back (via our free county van). One of the providers called wondering if the box had been sent yet. The other charges $300 if they don’t get the box back, so I’m really hoping all the boxes got back to them!

So here’s my perspective. If you’re going to send a box, don’t ask for it back! I can think of several providers who send kits that really enhance the program and they don’t require it to be sent back. It’s really a pain and a headache to track it down and send it back. It must be a headache for the provider too.

So if you’re a new provider or thinking about sending a kit, don’t send one unless you don’t need it back! My two cents!

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  1. While I can understand content providers trying to achieve the optimum interactive, quality experience, I must agree…if you send it, do not ask for it back.

    COSI Columbus does an excellent job with the kits for their Gadget Works and Surgical Suite program kits.

    I think that all of us that support videoconferencing and are developing content and programming need to visit campuses to regain the perspective of who our clients are and what works best for them.

    One thing you didn’t mention…how are schools supposed to get the purchase orders to send this back? I am picturing the additional paperwork and procedure challenges that this would cause.

  2. Well if the cost of shipping is included in the program price that could work for sure – but I wonder also about the timeliness of getting it back…. have you had any issues like that?


  3. Yes the cost is bundled in the cost per booking. Generally I have not had a problem
    getting kits back. Generally when the time of the program/activities is over I email
    the contact with the fed ex number and asked for them to be returned. I also don’t need
    all the stuff back, but for instance if I send table top microscopes I need these back.
    The trade off would be not having the lab style table top activities. Its an interesting dilema,
    thanks for the feedback and chance to further think it through.

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