E-Mission Blast Off!

Tuesday afternoon I spent some time in the Polycom booth with Elaine Shuck and served as the communication director for an e-mission with Challenger Learning Center for half an hour. I’ve participated before in the 3 hour teacher training, so it was just wild to see it done in about 30 minutes. One other teacher who had participated in e-Missions was there as well and so we helped explain it to the other participants. We jumped in and started calculating data on the incoming hurricane and the volcano as it started erupting. As we went along, our guide from NASA Command Control assisted us in reading the map, deciding where to evacuate the residents, and making the calculations to send our readings in to NASA. A great experience and one I highly recommend!


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  1. I have hosted the Space Station Alpha e-Mission session twice for teachers in my area. This group have a very engaging concept and do a great job with it. In both cases the teachers were active and thought it would be a good activity for their children.

    I will soon be hosting two sessions with students, they are currently doing the prep work for the e-Missions. Lift off is just 7 days away.

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