Elevate 2008 Schedule

Did you know the Elevate 2008 draft schedule is posted now? I can see already that it’s going to be a great conference. I hope to see you there! Here are some features I’m looking forward to:

  • Optional daily hikes, right during my usual exercise schedule. Should be fun! Bring your hiking boots!
  • Afternoon Nutrition break and networking. Doesn’t that sound fun?!
  • Live VC demonstration from educational content provider. I wonder which providers they will be featuring. I hope I can see a new one.
  • VC Showcase demonstrations and displays. I’m sure I’ll be blogging up a storm with all the new learning at the showcases!
  • Two great preconference workshops on Sunday for a cheap $25! How will I choose which one to attend?

Check out the schedule and get your passport soon!! Banff is going to be gorgeous in August! Can’t wait!!

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