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08-02-05trapped.jpgToday’s the first day of Read Around the Planet. I had 9 RAP connections and didn’t get to see any of them! They did all work, except for one that will be rescheduled due to circumstances at the partner schol.

I’ve been monitoring/watching our ASK programs with author Eric Walters on his book Trapped in Ice. I blogged it last year. We’ve had a great set of questions and stories today. My favorite quote today though is:

Did you hear about the new TV that’s out that is on 24 hours a day and you can pick whichever channel or show you want to watch. It has a keyboard and you can change the ending of the story. …. No I’m kidding. That doesn’t exist. But it does – it’s called writing and reading!

I paraphrased somewhat, but you get the gist. Eric has a strong message about writing and reading and learning about history. This is our second year partnering with York Region School District Board to share these programs, and we plan to continue for sure.

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