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Rebecca Polityka, CSD, and I are thinking the same things today!! I just added my Best Program Lists to our Favorite Field Trips page. I know a lot of you use that page. I used to make lists like this at the beginning of every school year to get my schools to sign up for programs. But now, I’m so busy, I just refer my schools to the lists I did before on my blog. They are getting a little outdated but are still useful.

So, stop by Rebecca’s blog and comment with your favorites!

Unfortunately, I can’t comment on blogs from my work connection, so count this as my comment/vote, Rebecca!

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  1. Thanks for the input (and link), Janine. I’ve edited my entry…

    New Links to New Learning’s Favorite Content Provider of 2006-2007 was COSI Toledo. Have have several schools and several classrooms that want to connect to Andy and Trish!

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