Favorite Videoconference: Columbus Zoo

I’m still cleaning our old website, and archiving old things here on my blog. These are featured articles and video clips on our favorite content providers from 2000-2001 and we still love these providers and programs!

Content Provider
Visit the Zoo without ever leaving your classroom! The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium broadcasts videoconferencing programs directly from animal exhibits, and incorporates a variety of hands-on activities into every class. Each teacher will receive a teacher packet upon scheduling a program. This packet will contain information and materials for each session, as well as ideas for pre- and post-visit activities.

“The technology helped in answering questions that we felt needed to be answered.”

Grade 3 Student

Magnificent Manatees
Come with us on a rare underwater adventure as we visit the world of the West Indian Manatee. Students will become scientists as they explore these marine mammals through interdisciplinary activities. Video clip from March 24, 2000. Get QuickTime.

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