Favorite Videoconference: U.S. House of Representatives

I’m still cleaning our old website, and archiving old things here on my blog. These are featured articles and video clips on our favorite content providers from 2000-2001 and we still love these providers and programs!

Content Provider
United States House of Representatives housed in Washington, D.C. began with its first Congress March 4, 1789. It was not until recently Congress had the ability to use e-mail and videoconferencing to communicate to constituents. Teachers can videoconference to the House of Representatives by contacting their Representatives FIRST then the House of Representatives Videoconference Director.

“I learned about his views on different topics, such as laws and regulations.”

“I think this experience was wonderful because in this case we could talk with US congress and ask about our questions, and hear about other questions in other schools.”


Interview with Your Congressman
This conversation with Mr. Upton is tailored to the students questions. Teachers and students work ahead of time to generate questions on various current issues. During the video conference Mr. Upton will introduce himself and the schools participating will take turns asking their questions.

Video clip from March 13, 2000. Get QuickTime.

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