First High Profile VC of the Year

07-09-13governor.jpgThis afternoon we had our first high profile videoconference of the year. (Last week’s first student VC was with the Camden Children’s Garden. ) Juniors and seniors around the state videoconferenced with Governor Granholm to learn about the Michigan Promise program which provides a $4000 scholarship to encourage Michigan students to go to college. The 30 minute program consisted of a brief introduction of the program by Governor Granholm followed by a question and answer time with the participating schools. The event was bridged by St. Clair County RESA and Mike Maison reminded everyone of the etiquette before the program started.

The conversation was very friendly and interactive and the students asked quality questions. It made for a great start to the school year!


9/14 addition. I see I need to add a few more details based on the questions. For some reason I can’t currently comment on my blog at work; so I’m adding my responses here. Roxanne & Ashton wanted to know how this VC got started.

This was on the Governor’s office’s initiative. Two weeks ago they emailed to see who had VC. They wanted to connect to urban schools & the U.P. (Upper Pennisula).  I emailed to see if one of our larger schools, Benton Harbor, would be considered urban, and we got in. The other schools were mostly in the Detroit through Flint area. So that’s how it happened!

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  1. Sweet connection Janine! I’m impressed that the Governor had the time to partake given the current situation on capitol hill. It really shows just how dedicated she is to education.

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