Getting Ready for TxDLA: Plea for Bloggers or Guest Bloggers

I’m so excited that this year I can make it to the TxDLA conference. Usually it’s right in the middle of our March ASK programs. This year, because it’s during our spring break, I can actually get away. Probably won’t happen again, so I’ll be savoring every moment. And already, I wish there was more than one of me!

I am amazed at the number of VC sessions at this conference. If you work primarily with VC like I do, this conference seems a better choice than NECC! I did not expect to come to that conclusion!

Anyway, here’s my request. If you’re going to TxDLA, please blog a session or two. There are several that are at the same time as mine that I would really like to see. If you don’t have your own blog, consider writing a couple paragraphs and emailing them to me and I’ll post it here from a guest blogger, YOU!

I tried to find every videoconference related session on the list.  Here’s what I came up with. Let me know if you think I missed a session! (BTW The conference planner doesn’t list the presenter name, and that is where I copied my list from.)

April 6
10:30-11:15am           Skip the Road Trip–A Beginner’s Guide to Videoconferencing
Location: 103
Abstract: “Travel” with your students without spending a cent on gas! Come and join us for beginning “directions” in mapping out a great videoconferencing route. Pump technology integration into your core curriculum through virtual field trips, classroom assignments, and collaborative projects. Learn procedures for getting maximum mileage out of every project.

10:30-11:15am           Googleplex Your Next IVC Session
Location: 102
Abstract: Is your IVC session looking more like a sit and stare than an interactive session? Do you need tools to enhance collaborations outside of your videoconference session? Look no further than Google! Join certified Google teacher, Paul Hieronymus, as he demostrates the FREE resources availible to K-12 educators.

10:30-11:15am           Managing a Regional Distance Learning Network Without Losing Your Mind
Location: 105
Abstract: With the demand for videoconferencing continuing to increase, an effective content distribution, scheduling and management solution is essential. ESC Region 12 strives to make content available known to users, enable them to sign up for content, schedule the conference and manage the conferences…all without screaming!

10:30-11:15am           “Look Ma….No wires!”
Location: 226
Abstract: This session will explore taking interactive video outside the confines of the traditional “videoconferencing” environment. How can a ship captain “show off” his trade to a group of students when it is so hard to cram the ship through the front door of the school?

11:30am-12:15pm           It’s A Texas History Mystery!
Location: 225AB
Abstract: An annual collaborative videoconferencing event in Texas brings together classes statewide to share presentations about significant events, persons, inventions, activities, or locations from Texas’ rich past. We will discuss the process of organizing and facilitating this event and look at similar projects well-suited for videoconferencing.

3:45-5:15pm           Designing Quality Videoconference Projects
Location: 225DE
Abstract: Do you want to use videoconferencing to enhance and enrich your curriculum? Collaborative projects are a free, interactive, curriculum-based method for intergrating videoconferencing in your curriculum. Come learn about tools and resources that can help you design and implement quality collaborations.
(By Yours Truly! Somebody please blog the awesome sessions that are against mine!)

3:45-4:30pm           To Neptune and Back: Learning with Videoconferencing in Kindergarten
Location: 226
Abstract: This interactive session portrays kindergartners’ meaning making during an international videoconferencing partnership about astronomy. The presentation relates results from a participant observation study about learning with interactive videoconferencing in kindergarten and seeks input from educators about applications in their own early childhood classrooms.

3:45-4:30pm           Old McDonald Had A Polycom, EIEIO!
Location: 101
Abstract: Using videoconferencing equipment, students from high school Ag classes connected with elementary classrooms to give them an up-close look at the animals they raise for local livestock shows. High school students became the teachers as they explained the different breeds of animals and what it takes to raise them.

3:45-4:30pm           No Bus…No Fuss Curriculum Connections
Location: 104
Abstract: Videoconferencing can enhance almost any curriculum. Come here how one district integrates IVC into the curriculum. Ideas will be shared for core curriculum areas. Time will be allowed for an exchange of ideas from participants as well.

4:45-5:30pm           Connecting Classrooms: Multipoint Videoconferences from The Cleveland Museum of Art
Location: 227
Abstract: Sample multipoint videoconference content from The Cleveland Museum of Art. Learn how students can connect with subject matter experts and each other to sharpen language skills, exchange information, share research projects and have fun

Wed-Apr 8,2009

7:30-8:30am           Jazz Reunion Breakfast
Location: Bayview C
Abstract: Have you ever attended the “123 VC!!! Jazzing Up Your Curriculum With Videoconferencing” workshop, If so, please plan to attend breakfast to “catch up”. If you have never participated in the Jazz workshop, but have an interest in student collaborative videoconferencing projects, please join us as well.

1:45-2:30pm           Content Offering, Video Scheduling and Management in one Solution
Location: 106

Abstract: With the demand for videoconferencing continuing to increase, an effective content distribution, scheduling and management solution is essential. Renovo Software has successfully deployed its Interactive Video Scheduler at multiple Texas locations and would like to show you why.
1:45-2:30pm           TANDBERG Goes Tactile
Location: 227
Abstract: Experience the new evolution in technology for the classroom. TANDBERG now provides multiple options for integrating video communications with electronic whiteboards for a truly tactile experience. This session will illustrate exactly how you can bring collaborate with touch technology.
2:45-3:30pm           Share and Hear Stories of Read Around the Planet 2009
Location: 226

Abstract: Did you participate in Read Around the Planet this year? Come share your stories. Want to learn about Read Around the Planet? Hear stories from those who participated. Learn about other ways you can use the Collaborations Around the Planet website.By Yours Truly. Ok, who’s blogging the weather one opposite mine?!

2:45-3:30pm           Project Weather Safety (Funded by the Don Foshee Memorial Grant)
Location: 227
Abstract: IVC projects take learning to a new level. Join us to hear how students created videos and publications to spread the message about severe weather dangers in Texas. Student artifacts and guest presentations will be included in this progress report of the 2008 Don Foshee Memorial Grant Award.

4:15-5:00pm           Enhancing the Distance Learning Experience with Podcasting
Location: 107
Abstract: How can students make “connections” with distance learning? Podcasting provides the tool for students to have a voice and share what they have learned from their videoconferencing experience. Learn how students address TEKS and 21st century skills and have fun in the process

Thu-Apr 9,2009

9:00-9:45am           K-12 Videoconference Rountable
Location: 225AB

Abstract: Coordinating and managing videoconferencing endpoints for K-12 schools is a challenging task. Increasing workloads and decreasing budgets are common. Join our panel for practical tips and hands-on activities to help you better manage equipment and content for your region, district, or campus.

10:00-10:45am           Getting Optimum Mileage from Virtual Fieldtrips
Location: 101
Abstract: Getting optimum mileage from a content provider program depends on how you drive. When is a videoconferencing program the right choice? How can you choose the best program to enhance classroom learning? What steps can help ensure learning? Can there be evidence of learning? Come improve your driving skills!

10:00-10:45am           MysteryQuest TxDLA
Location: 226
Abstract: This session will focus on the MysteryQuest videoconference format as developed by Janine Lim. We will connect with two classes of students from somewhere in the world to try to determine where they are located. We will also review other MysteryQuest formats that have been developed.

Can’t make it to TxDLA? Then follow along on the TxDLA Web2.0 site. Lots of ways to connect to the attendees and other virtual attendees.

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