Gingerbread Boy

This morning we have the second class from Marcellus Elementary participating in The Gingerbread Boy from the Center for Puppetry Arts. This wildly popular program is getting to be as hard as the heart surgery programs to get into!! In late September we thought we’d schedule this for December. But the closest we could get to December was this week (November 8)! So if you want to do the Gingerbread Boy during December next year, you’d better plan ahead!

I love the intro the Center for Puppetry Arts does to help students learn etiquette and how to behave in a VC. It helps students know how to talk, ask questions, and “put on their listening ears”.

Students learn about all the different books with different gingerbread stories. They see puppet shows with the gingerbread story. Students get involved verbally in the story, making the sound of the animals in the story. They learn about what goes in the bowl to make gingerbread, and other information about gingerbread ingredients. Students also make a gingerbread boy puppet during the program. Another great hands-on program from the Center for Puppetry Arts!

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