Today Sam Adams Elementary 6th grade girls are connecting to HealthSpace Cleveland for their program Girls2Women. The program is FREE this year due to sponsorship by Tampax.

HealthSpace presentations are high energy and visually rich. Lee, the presenter, handles sensitive and sometimes embarrassing subjects with grace and humor, putting the students immediately at ease. For example, “the model body’s name is Anita Shirt. Get it?”

Students learn about personal hygiene, PMS, toxic shock syndrome, reproductive anatomy, and more. Lee explains what ads for various female health products are talking about. Symptoms that indicate possible infections, toxic shock syndrome, or other diseases are also covered.

This high energy program is perfect for girls in grades 6-9 and would be a great addition to a health class. HealthSpace Cleveland still has room on their calendar, and this program is free! So if you haven’t visited HealthSpace yet, there’s still time this school year!

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