Goods & Services Collaboration

Today we had our first Goods & Services collaboration, a project for K-2 students. You can see the whole project wiki here (and by the way I still need some partner classes to do this in February!).

Today we had two second grade classes connect, one of mine and one in Dallas ISD. The classes started with introductions. Our class showed out the window where the Texans could see all the snow on the ground. Both teachers introduced themselves and were on camera. They shared the weather, what grade their class was, how many students they had. I was impressed with how comfortable both teachers were with talking on camera from the beginning.

Next, our class led the first presentation. They shared a poster and explained the four needs: shelter, clothing, food & water. A second poster covered wants, and had lots of examples – things you could live without. Our last poster was on services: veterinarians, teachers, police officers, doctors, etc. After this presentation, our class shared several riddles: and our Texas friends  guessed what it is and whether it was a need, want, or service. Here is an example:

I am a treat. I am served cold. You can put cherries on me. If you eat me too fast you’ll get a brain freeze.”

Then our partner class in Texas shared their posters and told us about some goods and services in Texas along with pictures.

This was a great little collaboration, and we still have several classes from our school here that need partners. So please check out the wiki and see if you can match one of the times we have there. The registration link has more info for signing up.

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