GooglePlex Your IVC Session

Paul Hieronymous, a Google Certified Teacher, is presenting a session called Googleplex Your IVC session at TxDLA. Paul is a consultant for technology integration at the Northern Ohio Research and Training Technology Hub (NORT2H).

Search Features

  • Search “time in London” to convert time for your videoconference
  • Search “10000 yen USD” and it converts the amount for buying your VC program
  • Advanced Search: file type: i.e. search a KMZ file for the civil war battles
  • Preferences: Switch SafeSearch for strict filtering (use with your account), also can go to Web History to check up on students.

Google News

  • Most recent news on “gaza strip”
  • Can also look at archives on the left hand side and you can see the news from that year
  • Then click timeline at the top and get a graph of the news. It goes back before the Internet too, so you can look at past history – i.e. from 1967. Mine the data to understand the history. (Hmm. Could use this to supplement our Lest We Forget programs!)

Google Book Search (beta)

  • Example – find the book that you need for the TWICE ASK videoconference you’re in. The entire text is there online when the copyright has expired; otherwise it’s just a few pages.
  • It also highlights the keywords within the book and highlights them for you.

See More, Even More.

  • GoogleDocs – shared editing of spreadsheets, word processing, and presentation
  • Use GoogleForms to do registrations for your collaborations that you post on CAPspace or CILC Collaboration Center.
  • GoogleSites to set up your collaborative project – i.e. having each class write their chapters in a sequential writing videoconference project. Emailing is a pain, so set up a Google Site like a wiki for the writing. (Can insert any Google Video, YouTube, Picassa, GoogleDocs, Calendar, including gadgets and countdowns etc.) Good for a classroom teacher page too! Could be private for invited members or for anyone to view.

Finally check out the Google Lit Trips. Google Earth Literature Trips. Digital storytelling with Google Earth.

In a videoconference you can zoom in to your location to show the other site. But you could also write a little story to go with your trip.  Use this to find out the weather at your partner school or to share the weather at your site too. Built into your GoogleEarth map.

45 minutes was just too short for Paul’s session! His PowerPoint is linked online at

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