Great Backgrounds & Posters

Another MysteryQuest day. One of the best presentations today came from Wessendorf Middle School, Texas. I loved their use of backgrounds in their news show. Look at the artwork on the left and the wonderful wall map on the right. These add visual interest to the presentation.

This class also had posters that worked! It’s usually pretty hard to make posters clear enough. Here’s an example that worked really well. Note the huge letters and small amount of information on one poster. This made note taking much easier.

Troy Intermediate, Avon Lake, Ohio, also had a news show. My favorite part was a little advertisement from the Fruity Fruit Store, sharing a clue about local products and services.

On a side note, the Polycom mics are really good! During one news show, the announcers were whispering to each other and calling up the next students. We heard it. 🙂 And we almost always hear the whispers of “louder, louder” to the person who is presenting the clue. Just some of the fun quirks of MysteryQuest sessions!

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