Green Meetings Save Money: Part 2

District Meetings at Berrien RESA

Another type of meeting is the type of meeting we are focusing on for Green Meeting Month: our districts coming to our location for meetings.

Let’s see how much time and mileage it costs for all fourteen districts to send someone to a meeting at Berrien RESA. These calculations are for one direction and are rough estimates.

District Time Miles
Benton Harbor 30 min 15
Berrien Springs 2 min 2
Brandywine 20 min 11
Bridgman 25 min 12
Buchanan 20 min 10
Coloma 30 min 21
Eau Claire 10 min 4
Galien 30 min 22
Lakeshore 22 min 11
New Buffalo 45 min 28
Niles 20 min 11
River Valley 40 min 25
St. Joseph 25 min 15
Watervliet 35 min 24
Totals about 6 hours 211 miles; $116 / one way

If everyone got comfortable with videoconferencing at their own site, we could save 12 hours and over $200 for each meeting that met over videoconferencing! Multiple that by the number of meetings and 10 months in the school year and it adds up quickly!

What about you?

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