H.239 and MCUs

Recently, I was reading the release notes for the latest version of the TANDBERG MPS MCU software after we upgraded our bridge. I noticed a section about H.239 that indicated that passing the H.239 streams between different types of bridges – the Polycom MGC, Codian, TANDBERG, still doesn’t work consistently. There are known issues.

I’ve written already about other scenarios I’ve seen where H.239 doesn’t work.  The MCUs talking to each other seems to be another area of potential conflict.

So if you have a unit that does H.239, you should always have a back up plan for showing your visuals. I’m thinking specifically of MysteryQuest where we connect a lot of different types of endpoints in the same conference, and even Read Around the Planet.

Note: If you are reading this and it’s a few months or more past the date of posting, please test it out for yourself. I know the vendors are always working on these issues and they may have solved it by the time you read this.

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  1. Being that Alberta has a fair number of schools doing full course delivery through videoconference, we have a lot of schools using interactive whiteboards as a supportive device along with the VC. SMART Boards have Bridgit software which is esssentially desktop collaboration software, so whether it’s a SMART Board or whether it’s a computer/laptop with a projector, a good number of our schools are sharing their visuals through this method. It doesn’t work well for motion video but is fine for websites, shared whiteboards, PowerPoint, etc.

  2. Danny, do you have any documentation that would be helpful to someone that is beginning a course delivery program?

    I am thinking about training for teachers, teaching room specs, classroom managements, technical management, pricing structure–everything. I have to compile a report for our executive director and am collecting info.

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