Historically Black Colleges and Universities Recruitment Event

This morning Benton Harbor High School students participated in a college recruitment event coordinated by CILC. This unique event allows students to hear from many recruiters from Historically Black Colleges and Universities. The recruiters are onsite in Indianapolis. Each recruiter comes up and the classes get to ask questions of the recruiter in round robin format.

The recruiters only get a few minutes, but they cram in useful information, trivia, and fun facts into their quick presentation. After one set of recruiters present their information, students ask questions in round robin format. Then we disconnect and reconnect to another set of recruiters at another location in Indianapolis.

Students get a great overview of the myriad options available to them for college. This is the second year Benton Harbor has participated in this tightly organized event. It’s a good model for others trying to get a college recruiter interview videoconference organized.

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