Holding Posters Still

First session of MysteryQuest USA today! We had a lot of posters in the presentations today, so I thought I’d share some of what worked and what we worked on improving even during the conference!

A couple of the classes were holding posters. As you can see, once they held it still, it came through very clearly. Notice the nice large font, and in the population case, the really thick marker with the important info to write down.

Another class used a document camera. They modeled the best practice of stacking the papers and then pulling them off one by one. It came through so clear that I wasn’t able to grab a screenshot of pulling it off. But this gives you the idea:

Another class taped their posted to the chalkboard. As you can see that definitely held it still. A little hard to read in this picture, but from what I could tell, all the classes could read it.

Then one of my favorite clues from today was this clue for a very small state. Takes a bit of math to figure this one out. Great work, St. Thomas Aquinas, in Waterford, WI!

Finally, one of the classes did so well on research time that they had time to make posters to ask their clarifying questions! I have never seen this before and it worked out really well. They had several questions that made the other class look it up, and it was easier to do with the question written out!

We have a few spots left in the MysteryQuest USA sessions in mid-May. Still time to sign up and participate. Hope you can join us!

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  1. This was our first time doing this and it was great fun and very beneficial. The kids learned a lot about making a presentation, about other states and. about research. But, most of all, they learned something of the power of technology–how they could exchange ideas with other students thousands of miles away in real time. I think it really made an impact. I will definatlywant to do this again. Thanks for the opportunity.
    Ginger Shilts
    Flores Elementary
    Uvalde, TX

  2. We had a fantastic time doing MysteryQuest USA! The students loved preparing our posters, and thinking of clues that gave information without giving everything away! They were especially excited that only two of the four classes correctly guessed our location (it was pretty tricky.) The most exciting part for me was when the timer was almost down to zero and we were racing to find the last location. I would definately do this again as it was a great experience. Thanks!
    Sarah Schmal
    Roosevelt Elementary
    Hanford, CA

  3. Hi! Mrs. Hertema’s class had a great time participating again this year and I enjoyed serving as the “technician”. I took photos and video during the quest and created a web page to promote our staff and the event. You may access it here if you want to get first hand teacher and student reports: http://www.bcreek.k12.mi.us/pineriver/news08/08pr_mystery-hert.htm
    If there are any errors, please let me know and I’ll fix them immediately. Great job by ALL of the particpating schools.
    Mike Wittbrodt
    Grant Coordinator
    Bullock Creek Schools
    Midland, MI

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