Holiday Videoconferences

Well, I for one am glad for a two week vacation coming up. We had 70 videoconferences this week. The last two weeks have been full of holiday videoconferences. I thought I would share with you just a few links for your inspiration and planning for next year.

Holiday VCs We Did

  • Several classes participated with ESC Region 12’s Holiday Extravaganza. In the picture you can see one of the holiday math story problems that students presented for the other classes to solve. Holiday math problems are a great way to celebrate the season and practice math facts. I hope to have even more classes do this next year.
  • One of my teachers created a Holiday Christmas Classics collaboration to share classic stories and books with each other.
  • We were scheduled for TWICE ASK Winter’s First Snowflake, but due to a snow day it’s rescheduled for January.
  • We had 58 local classes videoconference with our Mrs. Claus, which was written up in the local newspaper.
  • A class participated in the holiday storytelling with Vanderbilt Virtual School.
  • We had several Gingerbread Boy VCs with the Center for Puppetry Arts. Love those programs!

Other Great Possibilities

There are some other great holiday programs as well that others shared via Twitter in the last few weeks. 

How did YOU celebrate the season with videoconferences this year? Feel free to share & comment (even if if it’s after the holiday!). See you in the new year!

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  1. Several years ago, I started our “Holiday Storytelling Extravaganza”. I solicit readers for a 30 min. block to share a holiday story. The story is shared with up to 4 classes. It is not one of my all time favorite projects. So why do I continue to put in the HOURS of work????

    It is an awesome, non-threatening way to expose people to video conferencing. (And it is just plain fun).
    This year’s awesome blessing was a team of 7th grade teachers who had students create original holiday stories to share. They booked almost 2 full days of sessions.

    I also got smart last year and divided up the work. I share the project with 2 other VC champions. We can run a 3 day project but divide the planning and organizational time.

    • Thanks for sharing your tips & organization strategies. I think you’re right that the simple easy exposure is a great way to get people hooked on VC! I love the idea of the middle school students writing original stories too. Cool!

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