Using VC for Homebound Students

Here’s an interesting article published in Feb/March. Did you read it?

A Healthy Education

Videoconferencing allows a Florida boy with an immune system deficiency to attend school for the first time.

Kevin O’Connell is a typical third grader at Spring Hill Elementary. He jumps up from his chair and recites the Pledge of Allegiance with his classmates. He huddles with his small reading group and reads a story when it’s his turn. And when he knows an answer, he raises his hand and patiently waits for his teacher to notice him in the back of the classroom. The only difference is, he’s actually attending class at home.

Take a moment to read it. It’s a pretty cool example of using VC to bring full courses to students.

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  1. I love that story. I was wondering if the class participated in projects, collaborations, or virtual field trips via videoconferencing because Kevin could join them in those class experiences. Without the use of videoconferencing, he would not be able to participate in field trips with his class at all.

    Amazing what a difference this can make in the quality of this student’s life.

  2. I love this. We got a grant last year to use webcams and Skype for our homebound students this year and it was such a success that I got a continuation for next school year. One of our students passed away just before spring break this year but had been connecting regularly with her classmates all school year. In her memorial in the student yearbook her parents even mentioned how wonderful it was that she got to use the webcam to connect with her friends at school.

    We are not to the point of using it for regular instruction with homebound students, but I believe even these random connections are wonderful for both the homebound and the classroom students.

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