I Cloned Myself!

Since we received the Polycom RSS (on loan from Polycom for Polycom special events), I’ve had some ideas for how we could use it. One was to record the PD sessions I do for teachers. That way when I can’t do a VC for others, they can at least access an archive.

So today I tried it out with a projects workshop for Utica Community Schools. It’s about 40 min. long, with 20 min. of presentation and 20 min. of an interesting Q&A discussion. It’s an informal discussion, so not perfectly polished. But hopefully you it will be useful to you if you were hoping to have me talk for your workshop and couldn’t because I’m too busy with my own districts. Just click this link to access the archive.

I’ve also added a Streaming category to my blog so that you can find all the things that we have archived for streaming. Enjoy!

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  1. Outstanding! Thank you for sharing this with us. The quality of the archive was excellent. I am interested in the archiving of video conferences because as soon as the projects are over that I facilitate, the teachers want to see their presentations and I do not have an easy way to do this. Looks like the Polycom RSS takes care of this. We have a legacy VCG Starbak box, but the archived streams are at 384K and the viewer does not work with the newer browsers.

    Yes, we are still iced in down here in Texas!

  2. It is really cool Roxanne. I haven’t figured out all the options yet, but for this one, I just dialed out to my Polycom VSX 7000 and Utica was already dialed into me (it’s a multipoint VSX) and voila. When you hang up it archives and makes the link. Pretty easy. You can also meet at the RSS having two sites dial in – but it then shows both sites side by side. I didn’t want it that way and couldn’t figure out if that’s the only option. Certainly more playing to do.

  3. […] be in an easily accessible form for the remote end-user. Here is a sample from archives from the Polycom RSS when Janine cloned herself. GulfStream Group LLC Acquires the assets and Operations of StarBak Communications, […]

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