Interactive Videoconferencing with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

SIG IVC Showcase: John Goehrke, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum

John is giving an overview of the programs that the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame offers. The room is again jam packed with a great group of educators.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame does point to point connections because they believe in the interactive engagement. They use rock and roll to teach about social studies, language arts, and other curriculum areas. Their programs are correlated to national standards. All the lessons are an hour long and include lessons and units to prepare the students and extend the lesson after the videoconference.

Their most popular program is Ball of Confusion: Rock and Roll and Social Change in the 60s and 70s – which is great for social studies classes – especially those that study the decades.

Clips from Rock and Roll Hall of Fame are awesome – everyone in the room really enjoying them. (There’s another thing you really couldn’t do with Skype!)

This program is so popular and so requested, that they have added another program on the decade of the 80s.

One of the best programs that I know of out there for computer/technology classes is the Hip-Hop Technology: From Turntables to Computers – where students learn how the technology has changed through time. Very cool – we’ve had several middle school computer classes do this…. John showed the turntable used in the program, and described how the students produce a song that is sent to the class as an MP3 afterwards.

One of the activities they use is the Rock and Roll Jukebox – and participants get to choose the song to be played. The audience really got into that too!

Another great showcase – if you haven’t visited the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, be sure to schedule with them for next year!!

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