Interviewing Congressman Fred Upton

This morning Coloma Jr. High, Marcellus Middle School, New Buffalo High School, River Valley High School, Ross Beatty High School, and St. Joseph High School participated in an interview with Congressman Fred Upton. Students had prepared questions ahead of time.

The discussion covered a myriad of topics including stem cell research, global warming, illegal immigration which affects our congressional district with farms depending on migrant workers, what its like to be in a minority in congress, social security, gas prices and the likelihood of a draft coming back.

Two questions really caught my attention:

  • As a high school student I’ve noticed more students who don’t value their education. What would you say to them?
  • We spend a lot of time taking very long tests. Some kids are not good test takers, but they know the material. What can we do about this problem?

We used the Polycom RSS to record this session and you can watch the streaming if you wish. This will allow the schools that weren’t able to participate the ability to still benefit from the interview.

Thank you to all the coordinators and especially Congressman Fred Upton and his staff for making this another successful videoconference!

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  1. Nice questions; and from high schoolers, wow! I think I would have had all the smarts just to ask whatever questions my teachers told me were important back in my high school days. Those sound like some pretty thoughtful teens.

    I tried watching the stream, but I believe it’s blocked here at school (we have miserable bandwidth at the moment), so I’ll just have to imagine how it went 🙂

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