Interviewing Congressman Fred Upton

Today we have Congressman Fred Upton talking to six local high school classes in Bangor, Buchanan, Coloma, Decatur, Edwardsburg, and Lawton. This annual conversation is a treat for our local government classes. Mr. Upton also very much enjoys this conversation with the students. Here’s a sampling of the questions:

  • What can we do to stimulate economic growth in Michigan?
  • Will we need passports to go to Canada in the near future?
  • Would you consider a law banning gay marriage?
  • Since you have almost never missed a vote, why do you think it’s so important?
  • How are we taking care of our National Guard’s needs and can we do more?
  • What is Congress doing to battle the viewing of inappropriate websites by young students?
  • I participated in HeadStart when I was younger and I really appreciate the benefits it’s given me growing up. What are you doing to continue this program in our state?
  • What is the most important bill in Congress at this time and why?
  • Do you think we should be spending more research dollars on alternative fuels?
  • Governor Granholm is considering increasing the minimum wage in Michigan. Do you think we should do this at a national level?

Great conversation and discussion on a wide range of current issues! Thanks students and teachers for preparing such great questions!

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