Interviewing State Representative John Proos

This morning we have several local 5th grade classes connected to John Proos, one of our local state representatives. The teachers and students have prepared questions ahead of time, particularly to bring out answers related to what they are studying. We were able to get 25 questions into the hour session. Here is a sampli07-12-03proos2.jpgng of the questions.

  • What is the hardest part of your job?
  • How many schools do you visit in a year?
  • Would you tell me more about your duties on the Corrections Appropriations Subcommittee?
  • Can you briefly explain the differences on how a bill becomes a law at the state and federal level?
  • What will you do when you’re done being a representative?
  • Who’s your favorite president?
  • How can the state provide more money for schools?
  • Can you give us a general job description of what it takes to be a representative?
  • Were you ever on school government when you were a kid?
  • Tell us about the most recent bill that you sponsored?
  • What was the biggest debate you’ve been involved in?
  • Being on the Environmental Committee, what are you doing about global warming?
  • How many presidents have you met? What was it like meeting the president?
  • What laws are in place to protect Lake Michigan?
  • What process did you have to go through to be elected as state representative?
  • What is the difference between how the state handles checks and balances and how the federal government handles checks and balances?

As students listen to the answers, they learned which topics are an issue for the state level and which are an issue for the federal level. I was impressed with the level of questions. Usually we do this program at the high school level, but it worked very well for 5th grade too as they are studying the levels and branches of government.

By the way, this is another easy program to copy. Your state representative would appreciate the opportunity to talk to many students at the same time and would be impressed with the technology available to schools.

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