ISTE 2011: Videoconference Sessions

The ISTE Program is searchable online now! Are you planning to go this year?! Here are all the video conference related sessions that I could find on the program.

Sunday, June 26

Monday, June 27

Tuesday, June 28

Wednesday, June 29

What a great line-up of sessions! I’m also glad to see almost 3 times as many sessions on Tuesday as there were last year.

Are there any that I missed? Hope to see you at a VC session at ISTE! (or stay tuned for blog reports here!)

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    • Wow! Jason! That’s amazing! Is that what you’re bringing to ISTE?! That will be super! I was thinking of a poster session – just paper tacked up! 🙂 This looks really sweet! Looking forward to it!

  1. Shucks, we can’t bring the whole exhibit, but we will do our darn to make our tacked up paper and videos communicate how cool it is. :o)

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