It's all in the hat!

This afternoon I called one of my schools that hadn’t signed up yet for RAP and I thought they should have. The media specialist had a teacher staff meeting focusing on tech planned for this evening. She hadn’t asked me to present yet and thought I couldn’t fit it in. Luckily I could.

So on the spur of the moment, I connected for 5 minutes and gave the run down on Read Around the Planet. How it’s fun to tell Texas about snow, and how easy the presentation can be. Of course, I never talk about RAP without my hat on. They wanted to know about the costume, etc.  Lots of giggles and laughs.

Then I asked who wanted to sign up and half the teachers did! Voila! A few more registrations to hurry and get in before the deadline tomorrow.

A visual is a powerful thing! Especially when you can set teachers at ease with a little humor and encouragement!

How did you get YOUR teachers to sign up for RAP this year?

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