"Janet Collaborate" with UK Schools

janetcollaborate1.gifHey! If you want to do collaborative projects with schools in the UK, you should register at the new Janet Collaborate site. Schools in the UK are using it to schedule with UK content providers, to do collaborative projects with each other and more.

One principle behind this site is pretty cool – everything is called an “opportunity” no matter who offers it. There are two kinds of opportunities: scheduled opportunities with a date & time and open-ended opportunities that can be negotiated with the partner. Sometimes we get hung up on categories. Here everything is an opportunity.

It has a connection to the JVCS scheduling system, which allows schools in the UK to schedule directly with the JVCS bridge from within the site. How cool is that?!

I know I’ll be coming back here when I need UK partners for projects like EcoConversations and others. Check it out!

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