June Jazz Day 3

3rd day of June Jazz. The week is going too fast!

Roll Calls

  • Our roll calls today were just hysterically fun! We had fun cheers from each of the sites. We used @sparky1fan’s Cheer video clips and ideas to prepare.

MysteryQuest Beaches

  • We had a great time with MysteryQuest Beaches this morning. Everyone shared clues about a beach in their area. We had some very creative presentations, including clues given by Jhiymy Mhiyles, the Bondi Beach “caveman” in Australia (under the “table house”).
  • We also had a major tech glitch in the middle of one of the presentations. My bridge rebooted and we lost Internet in our room. But after 5 minutes of panic, we were back up and running again and kept going.

Guest Speaker: Global Nomads

  • The Global Nomads Pulse simulation on Wed is always a highlight of Jazz for me. We tackled the tough issue of the economy with a discussion of questions such as:
  • What would be a possible solution to the global economic crises?
  • What other areas or issues have been impacted by the economic crisis?
  • What changes have been made in your school due to the economic crisis?

Small Groups

  • Small groups worked hard on writing their lessons today. Heard lots of good ideas and look forward to those projects being online.

One more day of instruction and simulations; then sharing projects and the celebration. Love this workshop!

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  1. Not that I embrace technical difficulties, but I like to put a positive spin on it if something goes a little awry during videoconferencing prof dev… fix it ASAP and don’t break a sweat… then participants can see it’s not the end of the world if there is a hiccup mid connection with the kids!

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