Kid 2 Kid Videoconference Connections

Yesterday I had a question in my email about one of my upcoming online classes, Kid2Kid Videoconference Connections.

I am potentially interested in your course Kid2Kid Videoconferencing Connections session. I have a couple of questions:
Would we actually be paired with another classroom to work with?
Is this appropriate for the middle school level (I teach 7th grade)?

Here’s my answer for your reading…

You will find a partner one way or another. It could be with someone else in the class depending on who signs up. We’ll also teach you how to find partners on the listservs, etc. Or I can “twist arms” of teachers in the 18 school districts I work with to find a partner for you. So yes, one way or another we’ll have a partner for you to connect with!

On the grade level, this class is definitely appropriate for middle school (all grade levels!). One of the huge challenges of using VC with middle school is the cost of programs for multiple sections; and the difficulty of scheduling programs during the class period. This class will address both of these challenges. We’ll help you design a project meeting your curriculum, one that will connect with another class (free connection!), and teach you ways to advertise so that you can get the videoconference scheduled with each section if you so desire.

Hopefully YOU can join us for the next section of this class starting on October 8!

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