Last MysteryQuest World of 2007

Today is the last session of MysteryQuest World Geography of 2007. No more MysteryQuests until MysteryQuest USA in April (still room to sign up if you want!)

Today’s MysteryQuest treat is having Grafton Elementary, Ontario, participate in our session on Europe. It did my heart good to see the huge Canadian flag in their introduction. Yes, I’m Canadian. It’s always a treat to have a non U.S. school in our MysteryQuest sessions, so we took time at the end to ask each other questions.

The Grafton Elementary class did a Lost simulation of the students on a class trip to Europe. The clues were woven into the skit story with what they had found about the country where they were lost. This is the first skit I’ve heard where the students really verbally and visually emphasized the clues within the skit. They had nice pauses after the important clues to write down as well. Great job Grafton!

Mata Intermediate, TX, also had a visual that worked well. Along with their news show was an easel with the category for that set of clues.

This session had the most technical difficulties of the MysteryQuests we ran this month, but the students weathered it well.

So that’s the end of this year’s world geography MysteryQuests. We have another set of U.S. geography sessions coming up in April. The slots aren’t full yet, so we’d love to have you participate!

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