Learning about IP VC

Today I’m thinking about the challenges of switching to IP videoconferencing as one of my districts is working on that today. Coming into this job with an education background, I’ve learned a lot from experience, talking to people, and reading on the net.

Some resources that I’ve used in learning are:

  • Firewalls are our Friends This site has step by step instructions for making a Polycom work with the Cisco Pix or Novell BorderManager firewalls. Very helpful to share with techs!
  • VCTTalk.com Videoconferencing Professionals Online This community has lots of people with high level technical knowledge. I’ve learned some of the words I need to use as well as the issues that we are running into and how to solve them.
  • OARnet has this site – How to Become a Videoconference Hero in 7 Easy Steps. I wonder about this one though. Is it possible (realistic?) for K12 to have a network as strong as they recommend here? Maybe in k12 we’re just more tolerant of pixelation? I feel quite happy with what we’ve been able to do with our IP videoconferences, but we don’t meet the high standards listed here.

There are many more good links about IP vc on the TWICE website. Also the University of Wisconsin has great information to get started with understanding IP videoconferencing.

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