List of Test Sites

This list was posted on the Megaconference listserv. I’m adding it here too so that I can find it again in the future.

Big thanks to Linda Uhrenholt for finding these!

Blue Star Conference Room
LifeSize Conference Set-up
Denver Cam (LifeSize)
Denver Cam (Polycom VSX7000E)
Santiago, Chile
Gumballs LifeSize
Gumballs Tanberg Edge 95
Gumballs Polycom HDX 9004
Aquarium (Room)
Aquarium (Express)
*VTC Test Callback (Great for testing initial connections/configs.)
HAMSTERsize: and …83

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  1. 3conference says:

    Thanks for ur list. Great!

  2. […] A blue or black screen is often a firewall problem on either end of the call. Try one of these test numbers to make sure you can connect outside your district on your own. Have the other site try connecting […]

  3. 24 says:

    Thanks for the test sites. Though i found some of them unavailable. the ones that worked served thier purpose.

    Per Lifesize. you should be able to connect to a test site at 128k and should see jitter @ 10 or below and 0 packet loss. if the above is exceeded this indicates an issue with bandwidth or lan connection. And definately helped us identify an issue with one of our sites.


  4. You can also dial our test unit at

  5. Danny Aston says:

    Just used the LifeSize test IP, was able to move the camera and everything! Great help.

  6. RAFAEL says:

    les ofrecemos

  7. sandeep singh says:

    Hello I need Lifesize test IP in india

  8. […] the one that works best with your firewall. Change one setting at a time, then try to dial out to a test site and see if it will connect. (At this point, you may or may not receive video from the test site; […]

  9. AN Rawal says:

    Great !! Thanks for LIST. Again Thanks.

  10. A number of these sites are no longer active. For an updated list of test sites that include those numbers that are verified to be good and bad, see

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