Listening to Carol Daunt Skyring

What a thrilling experience this morning to listen to Carol Daunt Skyring’s keynote! It was a presentation that couldn’t be blogged very well – you had to be here! Carol used a lot of amazing video clips, visuals, and even silent reading to get across her points. Her videos are on her blog (or she said she’d post them soon). In fact, if you’re really interested in videoconferencing, you should be following Carol’s blog if you aren’t already!

Just a couple things that I jotted down that caught my attention:

  • in the history of VC: “stuttervision” when the eyeballs moved first and then the mouth.
  • funny promises of VC: “go where you’ve never gone before. without going anyplace.”

And one number really caught my eye. The Las Vegas prison videoconferences 2500 times a month. Does your school use it that much?!!!

Roxanne blogged this session too so read her comments here.

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