Live VC with a Court Reporter

This morning we are excited to be connecting to the St. Louis County Courthouse in St. Louis, MO. Students from our Niles High School and Ottawa ISD Careerline Tech Center are learning about the career of court reporter.

The program began with a simulation of a guilty plea, showing what each role is and what things are said. If the classes had transcribing machines, they would have been encouraged to transcribe the event. But they didn’t, so today they are just listening. We heard from two court reporters, a bailiff, and a judge.

Next the judge explained carefully and clearly what the court reporters do and how they fit into the courtroom. Then the students asked questions of the bailiff and the judge before they had to leave. The remainder of the time was spent asking questions of the two court reporters.

This program was coordinated by Cooperating School Districts and Tim Gore and Jim Sturm, who brought us the Lewis & Clark VCs the last few years. Our career tech classes want to see more than just a talking head in an expert career interview, and so this is the first of several programs we’ve requested CSD coordinate for us and others. Tim and Jim are great at facilitating VCs, and have good ideas of what students can see onsite in various career settings. So watch the listservs so you can sign up for the next ones! The sessions are $150 per interactive site (so far).

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