Magnetism with the National Science Center

National Science CenterThis morning Watervliet South Elementary is connecting to the National Science Center for their program on Magnetism: A Strong Attraction.

The program starts off with checking out the students’ prior knowledge about magnets. The presenter then shows the students various demonstrations and has the students predict what will happen. Students also learn about real National Science Centerlife applications, like cow magnets, and the monorail at Disney. She has some funny magnet jokes too!

The program is full of illustrations, demonstrations, and students predicting what might happen in various scenarios. Students were able to see the magnetic field, examples of natural magnets, and how a compass works.

Magnetic FieldWhile this program did not have a hands-on component, the students were still engaged in answering questions and predicting what might happen in each of the demonstrations. The visuals were rich, and students gained a better understanding of the concept of magnets.

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