Math: Batter Up

This morning Ottawa Elementary is connecting to the Baseball Hall of Fame for their Math: Batter Up program.

The program starts with a short video tour of the Baseball Hall of Fame. There’s lots of conversation right at the beginning to get the students thinking about baseball and how math is used in baseball. Next, the presenter gives the students several math problems to solve. Students are sitting at their desks calculating. With each problem, they hear stories about that player/scenario and are walked through step by step in how the answer is found. Students are working mostly with percentages and averages.

Next, the students play a game called Batter Up. Students choose the type of question they want to answer. “The mics are pretty sensitive so if I hear anyone helping the batter up, this will be an automatic out.” The questions come up with nice visuals and clear instructions so students can solve it.

This program is jam packed with math and works the students hard throughout the program. Doing the math within the context of baseball makes it more fun for everyone involved.

We love the Baseball Hall of Fame programs, and this one definitely was worth our time!

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