Measuring Utilization of Curriculum Videoconferencing

This post is part of a series inviting discussion, comments and reflection on the results of my dissertation.

How would you measure the use of curriculum videoconferencing? In my research, I examined specifically the videoconference coordinator and their role in the implementation of videoconferencing. I compared factors such as school and coordinator demographics with the school’s use of videoconferencing. But to do any comparisons, first I had to define utilization. How would you define it?

Three Components of Utilization

I added together three numbers to calculate utilization:

  • Total videoconference events (professional development, meetings, and student events, excluding daily courses) divided by the number of students times 100 to get a whole number.
    (Total events / #students * 100)
  • Total student events (projects, collaborations, content providers, etc; excluding daily courses) divided by the number of students times 100 to get a whole number.
    (Student events / #students * 100)
  • Percent of teachers using videoconferencing.
    (#Teachers who used VC / total#teachers)

I didn’t want to count daily shared classes, because I was specifically researching using videoconferencing in the curriculum as opposed to a method of delivering curriculum.

I divided by the number of students to more fairly compare number of events across various sized schools.

Results of Total Events

  • Total events ranged from0 to 60 with a mean of 4.
  • Student events ranged from 0 to 67 with a mean of 4.
  • Percentage of teachers using videoconferencing ranged from 0 to 100% with a mean of 26%.
  • The three added together ranged from 0 to 180 with a mean of 35.

Your Turn
Using this formula, calculate your school’s use of videoconferencing last year. How are you doing in comparison with the average? In comparison with the highest use schools? Do you have any guesses (hypotheses) about schools that use it more?

Please comment. How would (or do) you define and measure the use of videoconferencing?

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  1. You should contact Lori Colwill at Dallas ISD
    Roxanne Glaser at Region 12
    they both do a tremendous amt of k-12 video conferencing

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