Meet Me At NECC 2006

Meet Me At NECCOnly three more days till the NECC 2006 Conference in San Diego. I hope to network and talk to lots of people interested in setting up videoconference projects for next year!

I’ll be presenting 1 workshop, 1 showcase and 1 concurrent session. My handouts (URL lists) are online now. If you can’t come, then you’re just missing stories that I’ve been writing about here! In my workshop we’ll be actually role playing students for various projects, which will definitely be a fun experience. So far we have 5 countries represented in the participants at my workshop, so I’m looking forward to networking with each participant! I’m sure we’ll come up with some great ideas!

I’ll be blogging the videoconference sessions I can attend next week as well. So if you can’t attend NECC, or you can’t get to all the sessions (who can??!), read about some of the VC ones here. I won’t make it to all of them either!

Plus I have a few cool things to announce next week. Stay tuned! Hope you’re enjoying your summer!

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