Megaconference Jr.

One of the premier worldwide events for K12 Videoconferencing is Megaconference Jr. Today’s event was exceptional! The presentations from students around the world were informative, interesting and creative. Student facilitated multipoint videoconferencing was a great learning experience for all involved! Participating in Megaconference Jr. is a great way to learn good VC etiquette, both by examples of good etiquette and observing not-so-good examples. đŸ™‚

Most schools participate by having classes rotate through the various presentations. Once the schedule gets posted, then local coordinators can encourage teachers to stop by the VC room for the presentations that are interested/relevant to their content area. Some classes get up really early in the morning to participate: Hawaii checked in at 4:00 a.m. their time for the first roll call.

Consider participating next year in Megaconference Jr., a wonderful celebration of videoconferencing and innovative educational projects around the world!

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