Megaconferencing Around the World

Today I’m enjoying the wonderful experiences of the 8th annual Megaconference. If you haven’t participated in a Megaconference before, you should definitely plan for next year’s. The next one is Megaconference Jr. in February. Megaconference is always a visually rich feast of experiences, pictures, and people.

This morning started with a beautiful music and dance from the Chinese Academy of the Sciences. Also we saw some neat role plays and skits from Taiwan explaining Chinese culture.

We learned about a new content provider in Texas, The Cowgirl Hall of Fame.

My favorite part of Megaconference is the roll calls. I love to see all the places that are connected. It’s a great geography lesson seeing all the places that are connected. And of course Bob’s hats are a treat to see!
My next favorite part is the choirs. Tim Poe’s songs are just perfect and set a fun and joyful tone to the conference.

I really enjoyed the Trans Atlantic Piano Teaching presentation. This reminded me of the MusicPath presentation at NECC a couple years ago. It looks like the same technology that allows you to play a piano remotely. Pretty cool.

I was intrigued by the North Dakota Telepharmacy Project. I also like to learn about real-world uses of VC outside of education. Bringing pharmacy services to rural communities VC is really creative and totally meets a need.

The conference is still going on, so if you’re reading this yet today and haven’t signed up, you can watch the streaming here.

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