Mobile Apps to Support and Enhance Online Courses

This morning I’m presenting to the Iowa Distance Learning Association’s Fall Symposium.

Description: How can specific mobile apps support and enhance online courses? From LMS apps, organizational apps, and university apps to apps specifically design to support a unique course, explore the variety of ways mobile learning can enhance online learning.

PowerPoint: 2015 Iowa DLA.ppt

In this session, we are exploring mobile learning in three areas of online learning: Learning, Connection to the University, School or Organization, and Connection to the Instructor.


Connection to your University, School or Organization

Connection to the Instructor

  • Videoconferencing apps such as:
    • Skype
    • Zoom, etc.
    • Students can schedule one-on-one with the instructor; or attend class via their mobile device
  • Texting students reminders:
  • Deliver content via apps such as iTunes U, YouTube, etc.

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