MoNSteR MaTcH Day 1

Today is our first day of MoNSteR MaTcH 2009 with Region 12. I have 22 classes participating this year. The H1N1 virus has already made us reschedule two of the conferences, but we’re rolling with the punches!

Classes zoom in to share and compare their venn diagrams.

This year, Roxanne added a Venn Diagram procedure for comparing similarities and differences between the classes. I’ve noticed that the schools are also muting to consider the differences, which gets more students thinking about what is the same and different. The quality and length of comparing is much higher this year as well. I think this addition has strengthened the thinking/learning quality of Monster Match.

Here are some of the pairs from the connections today. These pairs are done by two fourth grade classes:

Monster Match Monster Match


These pairs are done by two fifth grade classes:



One of the classes created a little decorated paper curtain to hold in front of their monster until it was time to reveal:


These last pictures are from a 1st grade / 2nd grade pair.



What a great day of learning and sharing! Three more days of Monster Matches to go!

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  1. […] During the MoNSteR MaTcH videoconferences, students focus on the monsters to see how well they match. This year, we do not focus on reading the descriptions. We are focused on identifying similarities and differences between the monsters. Sites muted their microphones and had a THINK TIME before commenting on each others’ monsters. Check out this picture of a Venn Diagram from one session. […]

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