Monster Match "Horror" Stories and Last Pairs

Last day of Monster Match. Whew! We made it. I had 37 classes participate, which doesn’t sound like too many compared to a few other VC friends. But I’m still pleased with the results.

I thought you’d enjoy some “horror” stories from the week. These are some of the interesting things that went on behind the scenes. Any project of this size is going to have some little “issues” along that way the need resolving.

  • A fire in the room across the hall. Yes, can you believe it? And that connection only started 10 min. late. Not too bad!
  • Partner conflict over the depiction of a knife on the monster. This was resolved by removing the offending item.
  • Partner conflict/frustration over the use of “approved materials.” It seems a few teachers who did it last year didn’t think they needed to read the instructions this year. Oops!
  • Having to bus or walk to another location due to VC not working. Now that’s dedication to students!
  • A teacher on her own because everyone who runs the equipment left the building. With a little scrambling we got through it and everyone was happy.
  • A couple classes with such high excitement and poor classroom management skills that all the kids were talking and yelling at the same time. VC does tend to accentuate classroom management issues.
  • Hooked up the wrong building in a district. Oops! This is easily solvable too.
  • Custodian recycled the monster. Bummer. It made it impossible to compare, but they were still able to say how close it was.

Still, we had some great conversations about similarities and differences, and got to know each other a little more. I even heard a class this morning comparing who they were “rooting for” in the election.

Finally, a few more Monster Pairs for your viewing pleasure…

Lakeshore and Coloma Middle Schools, MI (6th grade)

This was one of the better matches I saw at the middle school level. Pretty close!

Doesn’t the head look a bit like a chocolate bar?

Coloma Elementary, MI and Groesbeck, TX (4th grade)

And here’s the monster that matched the one that got recycled. Check out the guitar!

Hope the stories this week inspired you to do similar projects. I’ve seen a few on CAPspace: Elves Exchange, Turkey Time, etc. You too can do this kind of project!

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