Monster Mayhem Day 2

Another 6 Monster Mayhem connections today (along with 4 TWICE ASK programs). Here are some highlights from today’s Mayhem!

Whiteboard Similarities and Differences

This teacher used their interactive whiteboard to display the PDF comparison sheet. Then while both classes were muted for 2 minutes, they made a list of similarities and differences. Then in sharing these observations with the other class, they zoomed in on the whiteboard to share.

More Pairs

Here are some more monster pairs from today.

Lots of Learning

Sometimes the pairs seem very different. This is where much learning occurs. In this pair, the original monster is on the left. The copy is on the right.

Below is the description that was written for the original monster. Does the copy match the description?! Pretty close – even though the monsters don’t look too similar. This comparison caused a lot of discussion on descriptive words, materials used, and what could have been done differently.

Beef the Schugl caused the toughest Marines to scream!
On top of her head is a 3 inch pink bow made of silk.
Her beady silver eyes (1 inch each) were ringed in white eyeliner and her nose was barely visible under her thick coat of brown, dusty hair.
Beef’s teeth (1 inch long and 1 1/2 inches wide) always stick out at odd angles from beneath Beef’s straight line of a mouth (4 inches), and are as silver as her eyes.
Her dress is so blue it almost makes you blind and has a shiny pink heart in its middle.
Her tiny feet (4 inches each), compared to her whole body (13 inches tall), make her fall over a lot.
Beef can’t wait for the fashion show!

New Extension Activity Idea

I listened to two third grade teachers discuss how it would be great to have the students write comparison paragraphs on the differences and similarities between the two classes. They decided to email each other pictures of the monsters so that they could study it further in class and write their paragraphs.

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